Monday, June 30, 2014

I don't always update...

...but when I do I hope I've improved...

Hey look I'm not dead guys!

Oh geez it's definitely been a while...

Been studying and working throughout those years. Trying to get better and faster! It's definitely been a struggle though I feel my artwork is going towards a good direction.

Still have some work that I can't show yet but I'll post them as soon as I'm able to!

Since CGHUB got taken down I've been bouncing from one social media site to another, if you guys are on any of those sites you're more than welcomed to follow me there.
Artstation | Blog | Drawcrowd Facebook | Portfolio Tumblr | Twitter | INPRNT

I'm also open for commissions, if someone's interested email me at:

And here are some sketches I'm thinking of finishing, would love to hear everyone's thoughts or critiques on these.

I've also been playing around with other styles and sketchin' some guilty pleasures.


And here are some studies of course!



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