Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy New Year....kinda???

Hey everyone!

Happy new year...that happened like 2 months ago. Sorry about the lack of updates, but I promise to try and update on a weekly basis(yea I know I've said that before but I'll try my best XP)

Also I have something to ask of everyone following this blog along with those that have just stumbled on, if it's not too much trouble, I would like your honest opinions on whether or not to include some new pieces, that are going to be shown today along with those in the near future, in my portfolio. I really want to get a strong portfolio going on and I figure some honest (brutal) feedback would be best as I want to get some bigger and better jobs out there as well as improve the shit out of my self.Lmao

So without further ado I present you with this week's new pieces, hope you guys enjoy and don't forget to leave some feedback comments ;O

Also I was thinking of revisiting some old pieces and applying what I've learned recently to them, what pieces do you guys think should need a major revision? I'm thinking about revising my dungeon delve piece hmmmm...??

Here we have my very first environment(hope it doesn't suck?) I did most of it on my livestream HERE

Forest ©EndlessMark III   

Here's a different version tell me which one you guys prefer, as I think the first one's way too dark on anyone's else's monitor besides mine 0.0 Really need to calibrate this thing...

Also here's the process for those curious:

Here's a revision of a commission that I have posted before on this blog (I think it was the last post?)
I'm trying to get better with faces and basic human I doing it right?

Julius  ©EndlessMark III   

...and to conclude this has been stuck in my head for so long haha


  1. Cool enviro. If you want some honest opinions, I think the lighter alternate version is a lot better. It has a better sense of unified lighting and the darks don't drag it down as much. I think part of the focal point become a little bit too abstract and hinting at forms a little more would do wonders for it. The person is doing excellent thing for the palette and for scale, but they look like they're maybe a bit squished downwards? I don't like the white bird on the nose of the log beast, thing, I think it takes away from the dynamism there and it reduces the scale because the bird appears so large. Your lighting is improving a lot, I think, though. It's no longer as ambiguous as it has been in a few of your pieces in the past.

    As for the character, I think he doesn't appear as grounded as he could, his foreward foot doesn't really feel like it's interacting with the ground at all. Other than that I think it's a pretty fantastic piece.

    Looking forward to more stuff. I'd also love to see you around creature of the week, again, one of these days. Your Amphibious War Beast was so awesome, and you haven't come back to blow us all away since then.

  2. Hao Wu: Thank you.

    S Sweetman: Thanks, I plan on updating the environment on my next update with your suggestions in mind. Especially about the bird haha. Also I think I may participate in another COW soon;)

    Dominic Philibert: Thanks a lot love your work :)

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    I'm trying to get better with faces and basic human I doing it right

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