Monday, April 4, 2011

Finally Updated + Print Giveaway

I know I know I totally suck at updating this Blog. But you can't deny that whenever I do update there's always more than one image up...maybe except the last one....

Well here I'm going to be showing some personal stuff I've been doing recently in between freelance.

Also I'm thinking about doing a print giveaway...anyone interested? Comment below on which print of one of my pieces you'd like to see given away and I'll tally up the most requested and offer that as a print. I'll have more details about the print giveaway on my next post then.

In addition I'm thinking about doing a series of paintings on notable dragons in mythology, due to the fact that I just love illustrating them nasties :)...either that or maybe Norse Mythology.

As always I'm always looking for more work, so if you dig my stuff hit me up at my email:

It obviously only wants a hug...

Anya ©EndlessMark III

Gimme a kiss and make this headache feel better...

Also if no one minds please spread the word about the print giveaway via Tweeter, Facebook, DeviantArt...or whatever your into. Just to see if anyone would be interested ;0

Till next time...


  1. That dragon is looking pretty fuckin' rad. I'd love to see more dragons, so do the series!

    As for prints, I'm a big fan of this image:
    But you can count me in on a print whatever you choose.

  2. nice work, oh yeah i love dragons nad thsi its a great dragon

    see ya!!!

  3. Ravaging Forest Fin -

  4. Your art is really amazing... Love your dragons!

  5. This makes my eyes bleed with pretty.

  6. Thanks everyone for the compliments :)

  7. They're all rocking but I really love that last image.

  8. WOW I love your stuff, I love how rough yet realistic your paintings r : D

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