Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I wanna be the very best...

...like no one ever was...

Hiya everyone!

It's been a long time since I last posted, 4 months to be exact o.o

Well I've been working on my portfolio as well as working on freelance to pay my bills all this time. A lot of hectic things have been happening lately along with a string of bad luck, though I'm sure something good would come out of all this gotta stay positive and hard working. :)

I've been studying like crazy and hopefully you guys can see it in my new work. I'm also going to be applying for more jobs right after I write this blog post in fact...wish me good luck haha. Also if any of you have a suggestion of where I should apply I'd be more than happy to hear them.

I'm also open for commissions, if someone's interested email me at: chunloart@gmail.com

Here are some new works, revamps and studies. Enjoy!

Mmmm the Porcelain Empire ;)

A revamp of a piece done for ArtOrder

Magma Dragon ©EndlessMark III

I always did love the 'Villains' of Magic!

Anya ©EndlessMark III

Renee ©EndlessMark III

A Kissing Party obviously
Then onto the studies...

This would have made more sense if I painted the table...

Flickr flagged me for this whut...

Need your opinions on this last one which do you guys prefer: A or B?

Also a quote that I've absolutely fallen in love with,

It takes fierce will to get ahead in this world.

The ability to take action. Take hold of your own life.
Turn it into what you want it to be. Create and chase after opportunities.
Good things may come to those who wait, but phenomenal things are waiting for those who want them enough to go after them.
Fierce willpower and strength.


  1. Welcome back! That tiefling looks amazing!

    I like B. better, though I like the shadowy cloak behind the figure in A.

  2. Holy update, Batman! Kickass!
    Love the new pieces. Great mood and dynamism, as usual. Any particular recommendations on technique when painting statues/sculptures like that?

    As for my A/B preference: B has a much better composition and fewer balance issues, but I think the blue effects are a little overdone in that one. Hope that helps.

  3. These look awesome man! Definitely gonna take some time and go through your work a bit more!

  4. I personally prefer A, for the movement and dynamics it has as well as the more interesting negative space.

    Glad to see your back, hope you'll be on more often.

  5. Thanks everyone!! Getting mixed reviews from people about A/B lol Might have to try a combination of both?

    S Sweetman: For painting statues locking the transparency of a layer along with clipping masks does wonders ;)

  6. Wow. You are a serious talent.

  7. I prefer A. It's much more eye capturing composition. More agressive. More dynamic.

  8. I say combine elements of both. Go with A, but expand it using elements from B to form a more panoramic image. I did a 5 minute paintover/manip as a rough example, you can see it here: http://i54.tinypic.com/2rylj50.jpg

  9. Very motivational!

  10. If it's not too late to weigh in, I like A except for the creature's upper left hand. If you replaced it with B's upper left hand, that would be my favorite version.

  11. Create and chase after opportunities.
    Good things may come to those who wait, but phenomenal things are waiting for those who want them enough to go after them.
    Fierce willpower and strength.
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